Pregnancy: Support Your Skeleton

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Pregnancy: Support Your Skeleton

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Ah pregnancy…what a wonderful experience. How amazing is it that as females, we can give the gift of life to something as precious as a new human being! During pregnancy there are definitely ups and downs, but when it’s all said and done and they place that crying bundle of joy in your arms…the whole world seems to stop in an instant.

The months of pregnancy most likely will make you come to realize things you never have before. You may feel differently both physically and emotionally, which isn’t always a bad thing…you may even get to purchase a new wardrobe to accommodate your growing figure! The aches and pains throughout pregnancy may cause you to not perform as well as you could in your pre-pregnant days. Do not get discouraged though because there are ways to combat these aches and pains without medication, which is great because medication is generally the last resort during pregnancy due to causing unknown harm to your growing baby…or babies! Support braces for your growing belly may provide you with all the relief you are looking for!

Caring for your body and supporting your muscles and bones is very important, pregnant or not. The better you support your body today, the more thankful you’ll be in the future. Taking the initiative to support your growing body by preventing aches and pains with support braces will be a greater option than waiting until the aches get too bad and begin to interfere with your daily activities. Wearing a support brace surrounding your belly will provide you with reduction of both back pain and hip pain, while also helping you to maintain optimal posture.

Using support braces throughout pregnancy is of course your choice. If you have a job that requires you to stand on your feet for prolonged periods, if you gain excess weight, if you are carrying multiple babies, or have a history of hip and back pain…you should definitely consider using a support brace to prevent those unwelcomed aches and pains. Take note though that you should not solely rely on a support brace, because if worn too long, they can actually weaken your core muscles and end up worsening your problems… they actually should only be worn around 2 hours per day. Basically, if you have a certain period of your day that is going to require more time on your feet or that is going to entail a more strenuous activity, you would want to choose to wear the support brace at that time.

The advantages absolutely outweigh the disadvantages and support belts overall will prove to be a great investment in order to help you displace some of that hip and back pain you may experience. In addition, your muscles will continue to thank you even after your pregnancy is over, because if they have been provided with the most optimal support you should have no problem resuming and acclimating to your original active lifestyle. Ultimately, if support belts are worn correctly and in moderation as advised throughout your pregnancy…you will be on your way to a much more comfortable and enjoyable nine months!

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